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Kasco®Post Mount Robust-Aire™ Diffused Aeration

  • $1,312.00

All Robust-Aire™ Post- Mount are highly efficient, reliable, and durable aeration systems that induce oxygen transfer, beneficial water movement and mixing to ponds up to 3 Acres, 8 to 50 feet deep. 

Installation is quick and easy. These systems come complete with everything you need, including all connectors, adapter fittings, weighted aeration tubing and post-cabinet. 

The Robust-Aire Systems Post-Mount Systems come with 1,2,3 Air Diffusers to best suit the size and shape of your pond.  

  • Comes with 3/8" ID Self-Weighted Aerator Supply Line
  • No electricity in the water
  • No equipment floating on or near surface
  • Designed and built for continuous operation
  • Low maintenance rocking-piston compressors
  • Compressor Cabinet can be remotely installed 
  • Robust RA1 & RA2 come with a 1/4HP single piston compressor
  • Robust RA3 comes standard with a 1/2HP dual piston compressor

Safety Tested; compressor ETL listed to UL and CSA Standards

Backed by a 2-year warranty

If you want industry-leading efficiency and effectiveness in your diffused aeration system, Kasco has the solutions you need!

Benefits of Robust-Aire™

  • Easy to install, use, and maintain
  • Creates open water to prevent ice damage to docks and boats
  • Can be installed distant from power
  • Eliminates thermal and chemical stratification
  • Increases oxidation at bottom to speed up organic decomposition
  • Expands fish habitat

Robust-Aire SytemCompressor hpPond Size (Surface Acres) Number of DiffusersAmps 120V/240VCFM at 10 Psi 

3/8" Weighted Aeration Tubing 

RA11/4 hpUp to 1.5 12.5/1.23.2100 feet
RA21/4 hpUp to 2 22.5/1.23.2200 feet
RA31/2 hp Up to 3 33.5/1.64.8300 feet