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Water Garden Pond Maintenance Tabs

Container Water Garden Maintenance Tabs

  • $14.98

Aquascape® Water Garden Maintenance Tabs for small fountains or basins help to provide clean, clear, and healthy pond water conditions. Significantly reducing the maintenance required for a container water garden or decorative water feature. Our Container Water Garden Maintenance Tabs contains 8 pure strains of beneficial bacteria to help optimize the water quality. The easy to use tablets allow you to target your treatment by placing the tablets in certain areas of the water garden, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your water feature. 

Because ornamental water gardens are enclosed ecosystems, sometimes factors like fish load, uneaten fish food, and organics such as leaves, sludge, and unwanted debris may disrupt the balance. Aquascape® Container Water Garden Maintenance Tabs maintain a strong biological balance providing cleaner and healthier water conditions.  This product is completely safe for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife.

(Please see Technical Specifications for additional information)

  • Targeted Treatment for Container Water Gardens
  • Contains 8 pure strains of beneficial bacteria
  • Natural water cleaner help maintain a strong biological balance
  • Helps optimize water quality
  • Safe for fish, plants or animals that may drink from container water gardens 

Available in 36 tabs / 4oz containers, 1 tablet treats 100 gallons. 

1 - 36 tablets/4oz container treats up to 3,600 gallons